“... the strength of the people measures itself in terms of the welfare of the weak ones"
From the preamble of the Swiss federal constitution

Meudalism means
Modern Feudalism

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Dr. WoDear reader!

Your attention is drawn to facts and connections with these sides which you otherwise do not find so in public. Something will seem strange to you and perhaps also feel that your conception of the world or at least your picture of Germany is shaken. Do not let yourself be been frightened! Remain sober and prudent!

If you still have seen the 1960s years and the "economic miracle", then you perhaps will not the politicians be surprised, that it worked always downhill in a lot of other relations despite the abundance of goods of every kind with respect to national debt and unemployment since then however too and that - identical which party - have to stop or even to turn over this trend made to this day. Whether you believe it or not: The politicians have no idea of what you will read here. You even refuse to deal with that: These "know" of because of profession simple everything better, arrived above once on the corporate ladder for politicians.

You are gloomily confronted here with gloomy prospects as long as our politicians do not tackle the problem. "Ich sehe keinen Crash!"Ludwig Erhard who called the problem 1957 by the name in his book "prosperity for everyone" was the last one. One does always not have for certain to be pessimistic, however, one should not spread any calculated optimism either. So be curious!

I wish you a lot of courage when reading and understanding!

Karlsruhe in March 2007
Your Dr. Wo.

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Reiner Kröhnert talked about George W. Bush, didn’t he? Let's hear what this one has to say to the topic!

I call you my base!

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